Monday, October 15, 2007

Overcoming Genetics

My son is a good kid.

He is respectful, funny, athletic, artistic, and an overall nice guy. He has come a long way. He started out on a very long and arduous road of hardship and handicap early in life. Y'see.....he is MY son. It isn't easy being dealt a hand like that in life. Most folks would give up when finding out they have the genetic background of me, but not my son. He has kept on and perseveered through unsurmounting odds to become a pretty swell guy despite the DNA code he inherited from me.

What's the point of my ramblings? Well, I'm proud of him.....that, and because he got to play in his first football game ever this past weekend. Despite his best efforts, that genetic makeup found a way to

2 carries for 7 yards

......1 fight started

.........2 blown assignments

.................2 penalties for 25 yards....

Roll that beautiful bean footage.......

If you would like to donate to my son's cause, please feel free to use paypal or just send wads of cash directly to me.