Sunday, January 12, 2014

2014 Resources

ESPN Film Room with Addazzio, Chryst, and Sumlin was a step in the right direction for providing real time analysis of this epic bowl matchup.  Unfortunately, chuckleheads Millen and Spielman ensured the discourse never rose above the Buffalo Wild Wings demographic.

Coach Rob Paschall details how power compliments the veer run game 

Coach Joe Daniels covers a wide range of defensive topics including how to match up the 42 nickel against zone read 

A great off-season project of introspection from Coach Chris Fore on evaluating the performance and impact of all the throws his quarterback threw in a season 

Coach Alex Kirby is dropping bombs on his new website.  Plenty of great reads here 

Duece has some final thoughts on the college football season and assesses the future of defense.  Some interesting questions raised there and will likely prompt a follow-up on the work from hemlock and I previously ( uptempo defense, editorial 1, editorial 2)

Just some uptempo candy on how Auburn conditions their offense for speeeeeeed.

NFL guilty pleasures of the off-season - explore this site to find the dead weight heading into the next NFL fiscal year

Speaking of NFL, don't give yourself a concussion banging your head against the wall after watching this disingenuous argument from Nate Jackson on "heads up tackling"