Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Pre-season appetizer

The season is finally here! 
Enjoy some recent insightful gems to tide you over.

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Duece opens the flood gates with a rant on low-hanging fruit pickers here:

The underlying irritation has to do with providing the immediate 'answer', circumventing the enlightenment of discovery.  Delivering 'answers' to the game simply misses the mark on principle alone because it prevents a coach from coming to a complete understanding of how he game plans.  The real point of learning the game is coming to an understanding how YOU interpret situations and how YOU analytically process it (both strategically and logistically).  As Charlie Means so quaintly expressed not long ago, the relationships of coaching is what matters.  That relationship has to be bi-directional where there is a back-and-forth, not just "tell me what to do".  What makes us better competitors and coaches is forcing ourselves to become better than we were yesterday by engaging ourselves in an on-going dialogue where we attempt to give more than we take.  You can actually learn more football by just bullshitting with other coaches than by learning dogmatic applications of 101 position drills.  Embrace the conflict that discussions bring.

"People are buying other people’s experiences….[realize] There is no closure - closure is impossible.There will always be a residuum of mystery. We need to come to terms with this. If you live for closure you’re beating your head against a stone wall. There is a kind of an appreciation for the mystery that needs to replace the attitude that the mystery is an unsolved problem. The mystery has no relation to an unsolved problem."-Terence McKenna
This is why I often times take an abrasive tone.  Likely because that is how I had to learn (your questions and ideas will always be challenged, how will you deal with it?) and also to invite push-back friction in the exchange. If you come up with an idea/question but haven't thought it all the way through, you don't need an echo-chamber stroking, you need someone to punch you in the face with reality to avoid repeating that mistake (take the temporary discomfort for the long-term growth).

UPDATE:   I did not realize how cumbersome the 4Shared account was going to be (file ext, logins, etc).  The purpose is just to host videos to view and easily download without all the BS.  Here is my second attempt at making this work.  Use this link to readily access videos

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Olympic Lifting Instruction

This is footage nearly a decade old, but still pretty valuable.  

Our head coach brought in Olympic Bobsled coach and Director of Chiropractic Rehabilitation and Sports Injury at Palmer Chiropractic, Dave Juehring, to indoctrinate our freshmen on proper Olympic lifting technique and mental preparation.

Coach Juehring was a wonderful contributor to our program at the time.   By providing quality instruction to our players, the kids were able to buy into the techniques our strength and conditioning program was introducing to them.   Sometimes it helps hearing the same message from others (not teachers/coaches) to reinforce what we ask our players to perform.

While this is a pretty basic setup, but there are a lot of key coaching points in this video to make Olympic lifting much easier to learn.