Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Non Stop Clinic: Ron Roberts Football

With the clinic season over, we've found a real gem to keep you inspired from the staff at Southeastern.  After coming off a whirlwind 11-3 season, Head Coach Ron Roberts has opened his clinic archives at to offer a variety of consulting services, skills camps, an active blog and forum, and a trove of valuable clinic videos.

This is an impressive concept that Coach Roberts and staff have launched.  With minimal overhead, they provide superb content without all the marketing and commercialism that has spoiled a great deal of coaching resources.  

Most college staffs facilitate their own clinics, network and share with high school coaches, as well as host skills camps at their facilities. Southeastern has tapped into the accessibility of the Internet and has provided an opportunity for all coaches to take part in these off-season rituals.

I'd highly recommend checking out this site and taking part of this readily available content.