Thursday, February 21, 2013

More Resources: Pelini

 Video breakdown for installation of Pelini's system  
 Fall install plan (Days 1 -7)

Entire folder of this coaching study is available here >

Monday, February 11, 2013

Wide Receiver Drills: Jason Phillips

This is one of my favorite fundamental drill videos as coach Jason Phillips packs a ton of useful tenets for receiver play in this short video.  At my last stop, we attempted to hammer home the basics presented here (stutter release, stick breaks, leveraging defensive backs to open up the break, and body lean) and it made a  world of difference in getting these guys to understand what it takes to be a threat at the receiver position (you just can't "run routes")

**happy mardi gras!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

1-High Nickel (4-4) Intro

Here is video from when we began using the 42 as an every down defense. In those days, you were essentially talking about a "4-4" defense (its all the same).  We borrowed heavily from Augustana College and St. Ambrose University when developing our version of it, which was premised on being an 8-man defense.  This is certainly a different flavor than the 2-high TCU brand, but its all relative.

The playbook we developed can be found here: "42 NICKEL" .  You'll find the entire playbook with drills, install calendar, playcalls, signals, wristband templates...the whole works (try unhiding some of the sheets in the workbook).  Bear in mind, we distilled everything down to tie the entire defense to the coverage ("3" meant Cover 3 with an over front / "6" was loaded zone from a stacked front) which designated the force players.  We worked tags and front games off those absolutes.  The whole concept became a thrust to vertically pressure the gaps of the offense without blitzing.  After visiting spring ball at Western Illinois when Vince Okruch was the defensive coordinator, we stole his attacking run-through linebacker philosophy that he used with his situational 3-3 package and applied it to our 8-man front.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Ernie Zampese: Air Coryell

Circa 1992, the backbone of "Air Coryell", Ernie Zampese, breaks down how he packages strong side, three-receiver concepts.   These universal staples are what most of the modern passing game is premised on. Get an inside look at how the Sid Gilman offense is built and why  

As lagniappe, here is Zampese's route tree from Dallas

In the coming weeks, to honor "clinic season", we'll be sharing various clinic videos (many 'vintage' era) to help your staff for next season.

Other clinic videos to check out: