Monday, August 22, 2011

Alex Gibbs: Stretch/Gun Run Developments (Part 1)

There are great coaches, legendary coaches, and then there is Alex Gibbs.

Alex Gibbs, while not the architect of zone and stretch, certainly became the patriarch of the most productive run concept in the past three decades.  Since “officially” retiring with Atlanta, but doing heavy consultation work with Houston and Seattle (and we can clearly see his thumbprints there), Alex Gibbs has remained an integral part in advancing the art of the run game.

Here may be the beginning and end to your education on stretch runs and how the concept has evolved through reduction in the past five years (and adapting itself to the proliferation of the gun).  Gibbs sits down with Steve Addazio (now head coach at Temple), Dan Mullen (now head coach at Miss State) and the rest of the Florida staff brainstorming how they can improve their gun run game after Chris Leak left.  Gibbs begins by explaining his entire system in great detail, going over the terminology that is integral to how his stretch runs are packaged, how his quarterback in Atlanta evolved the game, and the new challenges of today presented by defenses out of the gun (and more)…..

We will provide this video as a preface, offer up the second-half of the video later in the week, then follow-up with how many spread teams have codified their run game (and how it ties into what Mazzone is doing at Arizona State) into two distinct families (and the advantages of each).

Sit down, grab a notebook, and enjoy…..

Part II

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Panfriedsteak said...

I was able to watch about 1/2 of the Part 1 video, and have come back to watch the rest of Part 1 and as much of the rest as I can.  However, I keep getting the requirement of going through something called VEMEO to see what they are calling a "private video".  Yikes I don't know what I've done!!!  Please let me out of the trap of VEMEO and on to the program as indicated on Smart Football.  By the way I'm a long time OL coach in Texas and now retired.  I'm very jealous of you young pups who get to put this stuff to use.  This is really good material on the zone and how it is done.  I watch my son-in-law's line coach and the job he does at the high school level and I'm amazed at the job he does with less than most of their opponents.  They just missed being State Champs this year and the OL is a large part of the reason. 

Please help me get back to seeing a maestro at work with the Florida staff.

J. Goldsmith

Antwuanwyatt said...

hello coach. did you ever resolve the problem with VIMEO the private video lock. i am having the same issues. please help if you can, thanks


Lance Zierlein said...

 Larry Z. says hello.

Levi Davidson said...

This may be old... But what a gold mine! Thank you for making sure this is out there still. Gold!