Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Half way through...

Practice 8 down of Spring Ball after being monsooned out on Monday.

All of the SEC (save 4 teams) and half the Big XII have visited for our prized Senior.

We have been treading water on the Oline trying to develop consistency and continuity with the system. We have installed; zone, stretch, 40s, 50s, solid, bubble, jail, slo, power, counter, lead, option, and 90s......(whew!). We have been trying to own the zone, and the last two practices we have committed to using the TT 3ft splits.

FYI - if it weren't for the time put in the last 3 years learning zone from Todd Sturdy, Alex Gibbs (pick up that name), Ken Wilmesherr, Rod Dobbs, Milt Tenopir, John McDowell, and Jim McNally... I would sure be up the creek. TFS has about squat for resources when it comes to specific OLine technique and installation work. That didn't sound frustrated, did it?

We'll get it down, but of course, we just need more reps. Picked up another athletic senior guard and hopefully we can make it stick (attitude wise).

DBs are looking solid and we are getting our turnovers. Decent down to the 2's and trying to get the 3's and 4's (depth chart)to a competent level. We have C3 and now C1 in. We will shoot for 6 turnovers in the final Spring game, next week (vs Evangel).

BTW - am out of town next week for work and will miss two practices (ugh) and be in Dallas for 3 nights with a Pentacostal co-worker (ahem.... Gold's Club? Pandoras, anyone?)

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