Monday, September 28, 2009

Welcome to da Boot - Curious Calls

Now, I am the very LAST guy to ever complain, blame, or question officiating. It is a DIFFICULT and thankless job where your critics are many and those that know what you actually do are few.

I'm also the last guy to point to 'bad calls' for costing a team a game - teams should be able overcome one or two plays as a result of being human (nobody's perfect, especially in split-second decisions).

However, that being said, I would like to share some particularly delightful calls that have made dramatic impacts in the games they occurred in.

1. This first call occurred in Game 2. This would have put us up 14-7 going into the half. This is just a trips bunch sprint out, with a fade thrown to X. The call was holding on #21 (EMOL - Y). This was a 1st and 10 call.....making it 1st and 20, killing a drive that started on our 15.

2. This second call occurred in Game 4. During a crucial drive to start the 3rd quarter, on 3rd and 10 we run curls, attempting to hit #28 for the 1st down marker. Bang! We get it, but you'll see the umpire call a cut on the nose by our center a CHOP block. Our guard falls into the nose simply because he isn't very athletic, and contributes nothing to the 'block'. Converted down? Nope - 3rd and 25.

3. During this drive, a questionable call (IMO) and I'll let this go, but I figured this would go the other way (OPI). The F streaks up the field into the middle of the field.....the quarterback delivers the ball BEHIND the F who isn't in a place to make a play on the ball and is barely looking for the ball, however, our FS is reading the quarterback and is quick to jump the throw. Only thing is, the F plows right into him..... Notice where the ball lands incomplete (significantly behind the F). Notice the 'push-off' by the #2 receiver on the SS to gain separation on the Out.

4. After this drive, the opponent gets the ball and drives into the red zone. The back flinches and steps after a hard count by the quarterback, in plain view of the Umpire. Notice the Head Linesman wave ('hush') the coach on the sideline after going ballistic over the first movement from the back. Now, watch the back reset, and again flinch before the play (second)....still no call. However, this certainly doesn't stop the Umpire from making a call (from behind his back) on our MLB (#58) for unsportsmanlike conduct.

5. After a stalled red zone drive in the 3rd, we have the opponent backed up within their 5 yard line. After protection breaks down, the quarterback is forced to eat the ball - notice where he is at (on the goal line) as he is hit and his forward momentum stopped, he is IN the end zone. Safety, right? No........down at the 1. No problem, right? Just punt it and get great field position.....

6. The next play - punt. A flag is thrown for 6 men on the line (live ball foul), then as change of possession occurs, a dead ball foul occurs (#58 white on #37 black). Okay, so we get the ball back minus 15 yards, right? becomes white ball, 1st and 10 from their 15.......

In all fairness, they DID call 'facemask' on this egregious violation, so I guess I should just count my blessings

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