Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Yo Yo - REMIX da Highlights...

MC Cheapace in tha hizouse

Though I'm a big audiophile, I don't have much time anymore to do a lot of audio-mixing. However, when creating highlight reels (end of year) nothing annoys me more than watching 2009 footage backed by a collection of the dirtbagiest collection of 80's pop hits.

To keep the audio contemporary and keep the community church from burning our complex down, you have to edit out objectionable content. The easiest way to do it (and not disrupt rhythm tracks) is just like how the radio stations do it - simply reverse the track segment where the content appears.

With WavePad Editor, you can cheaply (free) and easily select the time sequence you need to modify and flip it, with no detectable trace in the audio.

So instead of an endless loop of "Welcome to the Jungle" you can actually put music that your kids actually identify with.

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