Tuesday, February 23, 2010

DASH & ZACK - Developments in Spread Run Game

As discussed previously by Smartfootball and TrojanFootballAnalysis, the advent of spread zone-read running has lead to responding with a counter-punch to defenses that heavily play their fronts away from the back's alignment. Additionally, the "Dash" (or fake Dart) play works great when your regular run game (stretch/zone) isn't working as well (because of smart reading defenders), especially if you don't have a tight end that can block, or you don't want your QB to run all the time.

The team (Oregon) who spearheaded this adaptation, lines the back up a bit further up than regular stretch to create a backward angle of attack. This allows him to widen a flat-footed (reading) playside defensive end.

The QB give-rules remain simple;
  • If the DE flat foots at all (or wrong-arms the kick out), always give the ball
  • If there is any doubt at all (if he comes up to feel / crash), pull the ball
  • ** QB pulls the football if there is any blitz off the edge to the fake
The Dash play has become the perfect compliment to zone running but requires no different practice time. The QB reads remain identical, and no one has to do anything differently. With as little invested, the return becomes pronounced as the defense will be forced to adjust to how they not only defend dash, but also zone and stretch, as well.

This can be run off of regular stretch, and or off of Dart (tackle pull) action.

Running out of 3x1Another great way to utilize this concept is from the leverage of defenders with a 3x1 formation.

If a defense leaves a hole player away from the trips (respecting the common run away from trips), you end up with solid numbers on the perimeter into trips.

If the defense overplays the formation to the trips side, and cheats their hole player over, you end up with great numbers away from trips. A solid block by the single receiver leaves the back on a home run course to the end zone.

In addition to this key-breaker is the called zone cutback, "Zack".
Another 'cheap' (little time needed to rep this) play that attacks when defenses defeat your base run, this is a 3-step-then-cutback run for the back. This is especially effective when defenses overplay their fronts away from the back (antipating runs to them).

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