Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spring Handout

I am nearing completion on this spring football's video handout/playbook.
Once I get this completed, then all I have to do is show up and sip margaritas at practice for three weeks.

I hope this ends up even better than previous handouts .

[Powerpoint animation captures courtesy of Camtasia ]

The only thing left is to add the important narration and some Easter eggs for the players (incentivizing watching the material). We will likely have no returning players to the secondary, so getting this new (sophomore-heavy) group ready (and avoid many of the unnecessary mistakes) right away will be a welcome challenge.

Introduction of alignment, assignment, keys, and leverage. Then followed up by pattern matching examples of common concepts we will face. The DVD will also feature the C1 and C3 video clips of NCAA teams, as well. I intentionally included clips of when a DB was 'wrong', followed up with a clip of correctly playing a route, so they could see what kind of common mistakes to avoid.

Here is the 10 minute overview with narration. Yahoo couldn't take the entire clip, so I had to break it into thirds. The audio was forced and I tried cramming a lot into short amount of time, but this is something the players can review again and again (ala a crash course in 'whats important').


Coach Hudson said...

Awesome Brophy, you do some really great stuff. Keep it up, and thanks.

Anonymous said...


Are you using Yahoo video for that? do you upload it from you laptop? How do you like using it so far?

brophy said...

yes, yes, and yes....

video coaching

Oskie said...

Freaking awesome. What a great job you do for your kids. Keep up the great work

Unknown said...

Great Presentation.
I noticed in the first video INTRO... when identifying receivers in the I the diagram has the FB listed as 2 and the TB as 3, but in the scout picture of the formation the FB(3) and TBs(2) numbers are reversed.
Does the numbering change due to the teams you face (for match up purposes)? or is this a type-o?
Otherwise top flight.