Monday, January 24, 2011

Super Bowl XLV: Packers / Steelers

This is the first ‘official’ post using our YouTube account, so we’ll see how this goes here on out.
From their meeting last year…..enjoy Dom Capers vs Dick LeBeau

After enduring underwhelming offenses of Chicago and New York, both teams advanced through convincing execution.  What can we glean from this matchup and what should we be looking for?


superslow said...

I don't watch much NFL and I'm curious if anyone has links to discussion/breakdown of the inverted-bone/diamond formation that I saw the Packers and Steelers running on Sunday?

It offers good power to both sides and the potential for misdirection.

Both defenses seemed to be put in a bind to try to defend it.

Coach Hoover said...

There's been a couple of good posts on the diamond formation at this site: