Monday, September 12, 2011

Intro to Zone Runs: 1988 Bengals

Fire up the DeLorean and insert the second 5 ¼” floppy disk into your Apple IIe!
We’re going back to 1988….

Here is a team video handout from Head Coach Sam Wyche that features a young Jim McNally (doing his best Matt Foley), Jim Anderson and Bruce Coslet.  Wyche may never get the credit he deserves for advancing the ‘modern’ game as he should, but in this time capsule we can see the evidence of his staff’s attempts to break out of the box and spread defenses.  If you lived through the 80s, I apologize for the flashbacks you’ll experience watching this, we're just offering this as a continued treatment documenting the adaptations of schemes.

McNally and Anderson cover the run game and Coslet jumps in (38:36) to review Y Option and the rest of the passing game.

The Bengals went on to be the most productive scoring (448), rushing (2,048 – 4.8 yard/carry average), and total yardage (6,057 – 7.9 yard/average) offense in the league in 1987.

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