Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tampa 2 Install


Used mostly for 3rd down pass as 2 deep five underzone coverage, CBs are rolled up on WR, safeties are half field coverage. MLB is middle run thru

Change OLB drops to cover short underneath hole.
  1. Very good vs quick passing attack
  2. Neutralizes dangerous receiving threats
  3. Solid vs perimeter runs

  1. Downhill running game
  2. Vertical holes along the sideline and down the middle of the field.

Corner not necessarily defending the flat – is defending the sideline and breaking back with the reroute.

Vs slot: linebackers adjust – SLB walks out, MLB becomes bubble weak / WLB stacked.
SLB – strong curl
WLB – weak hook
CB – pro align squat 1x5 outside normal split WR / slot: align 2LOS squared stance
SS – align to the closed call PRO: 2x12 off the core SLOT: C9
FS – PRO 2x2 off the core SLOT align 2x12 inside #2

Move to square stance 5 yards deep, with I/S foot to O/S foot of WRResponsible to get a jam and reroute on #1
  • Vs pass, work laterally in the direction of the receiver’s release. Do not crossover
  • Vs outside release – keep square and shuffle laterally (don’t crossover) outside and force WR flat. Force him as wide as possible. Post outside arm and zone turn inside. Be sure to carry him with vision on the QB to shrink the void between you and the safety.
  • Outside release and vertical = Post-flip-crossover run to 12 yard area….long stride, short shuffle
  • Vs inside release – shuffle laterally inside for 3 steps. If WR continues inside, do not chase, he has rerouted himself (to backer/safety). After 3 steps, hinge (with vision inside) at 45 degree angle working to get width and depth. Corner must run with wheel routes. Be alert for “opposite color” as you squeeze and hinge. (know how many threats you have, do you have a fast threat outside #1? Have to protect the sideline). Vs bunch, no reroute…hinge at the snap because of fast threat by #2 or #3.
  • Vs china – hing to sideline to get width and depth to get under the corner route by #2. When #1 sits at 5, the natural response should be to sink to the corner route ( can always brake on the hinge)

Safety Rules
Align 2x12 off the EOL . Work to depth of 14 by the time the ball is snapped - Key QB to #1
  • If #1 shows run by blocking the corner, come up and support the alley
  • If #1 shows pass, work to aiming point and play the deep half with vision on QB. Aiming point is half way between the college numbers and hash.
  • Outside Release by #1 – SA works to his aiming point. IF QB is looking to your side, SA may have to widen, if QB is looking away, squeeze to the innermost half of your zone.
  • Outside release by #1 – SA squares up and works straight back with vision on QB,. If QB is looking away squeeze to the innermost half of your zone.
  • If #1 eliminates himself by running a shallow crossing route. SA can squeeze to outside should of #2.

Sam & Will Rules
1.     Dropback progression for hook, curl, & seam players
a.      Read thru 3 step
b.     Take peek at #1
c.      Backpedal weave with urgency in drop
d.     Setup on QB
e.      Cheat to #3 if QB is looking away. Never cheat further than the ball
2.     OLBs must always be in position to play #2

MLB Rules
1.     Dropback progression for middle run through
2.     Read thru 3 step
3.     No 3 step, open to field or passing strength
4.     When MLB opens, he must skate and look for double vertical threats
5.     If #1 and #2 are vertical continue on middle run thru with vision on QB
6.     If no double vertical threat, get eyes back on QB
7.     If QB is looking your side, square up
8.     If QB is looking top opposite side, flip back and look for double vertical

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