Sunday, March 24, 2013

Cal Spring Game


slider643 said...

I discovered this blog when Dykes was hired at Cal and have really enjoyed it. Can you tell me how Cal looks relative to LaTech's first scrimmage? I'm interested to know how quickly we are picking up this offense. Also, pace was deliberately slowed due to injury/depth issues on defense. Practices sessions are much, much quicker so I'm not concerned there. Thanks for your response and for this terrific blog!

brophyfootball said...

great question....I thought by their spring game and by the posts offered by Coach Brett Dudley that they were way ahead of the game compared to La Tech. The first year at Tech was rough. The older posts documented how the first week of practice went in 2010 and the first season was pretty brutal. They were still searching for an identity. They essentially figured all that out in 2011.

I felt that the spring practice could've been faster and hopefully they will reach the tempo they are known for (its twice as fast as what they were doing last weekend).

What was interesting was how congruent their offense is with what they essentially perfected and geared for at Tech. I would have expected more fast screens, but other than that its essentially the same stuff; zone, stretch read, rodeo/lasso, speed out, etc working the perimeter. I'm excited to see them in the fall

slider643 said...

Thanks for the reply. It's encouraging to hear that. I'm sure tempo will pick up to where it is at practice. But our team is very young and our schedule is brutal so I'm tempering my enthusiasm a little. At worst, I hope to see some clear improvement as the season goes on. Thanks again for your insights and keep up the blog!