Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Chuck Amato - FSU Pass Rush

The Jimmy Johnson-era Miami Hurricanes established the even front speed defense that changed the course of defensive football we know today. However, during the 90's the Florida State Seminoles perfected that formula and demonstrated what type of devastation was possible when a program committed to stocking that side of the ball with elite athletes. 

The FSU defensive line became a factory of relentless pass rushers who disrupted the run game on their way to sack the quarterback. The man behind that chaos was Chuck Amato. Not only could Amato pimp the hell out of a Starter windbreaker, he also refined the method for attacking passers from the defensive line. 

Below is a clinic from these glory years. This is another video from the archives that is no longer available and required piecing together from some vintage footage and unfortunately, bottoms out at around 2 hours. 

Chuck Amato FSU Pass Rush from ragin caucasian on Vimeo.

For a great application of this clinic knowledge, enjoy the 1996 ass whooping put on Danny Wuerffel and try not to cringe.

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