Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bama All-Access

In case you missed it, there were a few gems broadcast of Saban at practices in August via "Alabama All-Access", last week. They have the full-length program airing sometime this week, I think.

In any event, be sure to check out some sabremetric number-mashing brilliance of rollbamaroll where they do some deep analysis on the impact Saban has made from a strategic statistic perspective.
yeah, pretty fucking awesome!

The clips:
Saban opens with admonition of "1-Alert" designating the rat, then the rest of the clips he hammers "CORA" cover 2 corner technique where corner takes #1 behind #2. The "push alert" is the opposite of this (Money LB takes #1 behind #2).

10Bama_C2 @ Yahoo! Video

More coaching points on Cover 2 [with 2-high "sally" (SS) blitz]

10Bama @ Yahoo! Video

"Meg" is man-to-man (press) in Cover 2...it is an adjustment to the single split receiver in Cover 7 (form of Cover 2/4). "Robot" is the term for finding work when #2 releases shallow, backer gains depth to rob a deeper inside route (dig). "Cut" is the backer picking up crosser. The "divider" is position maintenance based on the area of the field.

2010 Cover1 @ Yahoo! Video

Indy drills, position maintenance on the fade, and block destruction....

More indy time with an emphasis on Cover 2 reroutes

2010 Bama Dbs @ Yahoo! Video

Skelly in Cover 2 versus Flow (4 strong flood) and Webb (3 weak) action. "Dog" is a man under technique in Cover 2 versus Flow.

@ Yahoo! Video

"1 Alert" corners matchup on on slot and safeties spin on the F. "Kathy" is cover 2 weak / club to single receiver / bump to a TE/flanker.

2010 Alert @ Yahoo! Video


2010 Bama defensive meeting @ Yahoo! Video

2010_OLine MTG @ Yahoo! Video

....I'll try to get more of the vids posted and get the audio/dimensions corrected....
Also, in the works, as my "off-season" (not coaching) homework, I plan to be studying (and posting) more Saban principles (2-high) and his adaptations in the near future.

Props to @TheFoxJunior on Twitter for alerting me to "Alabama All-Access" on ESPNU, as I avoid the Boo-Yah Network as much as possible.


endersgame said...

The full-length show is on Wednesday at 7 o'clock on ESPN. in other words, TODAY... it's 4:25 a.m. as I write this.

endersgame said...


endersgame said...

Ahhh shoot, I posted the wrong time and day. Either I put it into my BB wrong, or ESPN rescheduled it from the time I first seen it advertised. It's on THURSDAY at 8 o'clock, not 7 o'clock.

Hope this is helpful.