Monday, August 23, 2010


Piggybacking on an astute vamping by Chris Brown about trends for the next decade, the "Bama All-Access" inadvertently supported the assertion Brown makes with a NY Jets playbook on Saban's desk.

While a common practice, sharing information and learning from rivals/colleagues, it was interesting to see the 'association'. I also would go as far as to say that Saban's playbook placement was deliberate (he was attempting to sell an image). If you visit any college coach's office, you'd see the same thing, though (videos/playbooks of NFL other NCAA teams) - studying what the trends are and what other folks are doing. Just another bit of speculation, just the size of that binder would tell you that, if it is a playbook, that he is only looking at a particular package - not the entire scheme (I'm currently trying to digest Saban's last NFL stop, that features a 500 page BASE package, let alone nickel and dime looks that predominate his teaching).

In essence, that is what we're attempting to do here - openly exchange information and musings within the profession.

On the subject of the NY Jets, word is that the Revis deal might get done by this Wednesday. That would be sick. Revis, ARC, and Kyle Wilson would be a deadly secondary to a dominating defense, especially when you consider the 'trends' that are coming. I'm trying to take a stab at some of the trends of the Jets (last year) and how it relates to the trends to follow into the next decade. As pointed out in the comments of the smartfootball post, I made the assertion that we will see a shift away from the fire zones as a means of pressure (where they are relied heavily upon now) and defenses will be even more (off) man-centric, as evidenced in the last series on Bo Pelini. No longer giving a clear "cover 1" or "cover 0" presnap shell, these man pressures of the future will remain consistent in their looks but bring maximum pressure, again swinging the pendulum back to concepts we saw 30 years ago, with a new twist. Just watch the NY Jets or NO Saints this season, and notice the trend taking place.

speaking of blogs....

Blog You!

WTF is this?

Philadelphia Wants Bloggers to Pay $300 Registration Fee

Philly! What are you thinking?

Philadelphia requires freelancers to register with the city for an annual fee of $50 or a lifetime fee of $300. This fee, as many who are reporting on the issue misunderstand, is not an income tax, but some taxpayers who indicated on their most recent tax return they earned income from a blog, no matter how small, have received notices from the city. The letters inform them of the obligation to pay this licensing fee. Even those who were diligent to include as little as $11 in additional income from a website received a request for $50 or $300.

The city’s position is that bloggers who run advertising, or writers who provide freelance services for a site that carries advertising and share its profits, intend to earn income. Even if your blog hosting service publishes advertising by default, you could fall into the category of people targeted by the city’s licensing fee if you live in Philadelphia.


Anonymous said...

Are you sure that the NY Jets PB on Sabans desk is not his own 97 Jets PB?

brophy said...

"RYAN" on the binder?
Pretty sure Saban was at MSU in 97

DonkeyPunch22 said...

Is there any way you would make a copy of the "500 base palybook". More over a copy of Saban's nickle and dime packages?

brophy said...

to answer that question - no freaking way (sorry).

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