Monday, January 24, 2011

Wide Receiver Drills (Bobby Kennedy)

I’ve been lacking in sharing position drills lately, so to pick up the slack here are some basic drills courtesy of former UT coach, Bobby Kennedy (now at CU).

Just like the Texas Tech drills shared before, a majority of these drills are focused on pushing the stem, getting out of the break, and body control (and little to do with actually catching the ball).  In high school ball, this is probably the most undervalued and under-coached aspect of developing receivers.


Court Allam said...

Great resource! Thank you for posting.

Unknown said...

brophy you always know how to come through! I'm moving from dbs to receivers this year and you hooked me up. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Good stuff, but is it me or do they not appear to be lazy?

dacoachmo said...

A awesome addition to the Texas Tech WR drils!!!