Friday, February 11, 2011


In another decade we may look back at the advances (or revolution) in networked media (via Internet) as one of the most relevant accelerant towards coaching since the VHS/DVD video series.

More vibrant than static content websites, more accessible than message boards, the give-and-take of blogging has fast become the way for all voices to be heard.  Though not the premise for his post here, Chris Brown (the patriarch of football blogs) does a good job of articulating the nuances of this interactive media form.

This site started when I ate two slices of bad pizza, went to bed and grew a conscience!
….no wait, I mean just as an extension of 1) Coach Huey Xs & Os message board, 2) Chris Brown’s Smartfootball and 3) Toby’s (eteam) Zone (that I religiously soaked up through the 90s).  Point being, we’re all part of the evolutionary / adaptation process of the game.  I still don’t have a plan, purpose, any sense behind the endeavor and the address used is merely a result of my lack of any imagination – but it is a great way to document cathartic musings, nuggets and frustrations I’ve encountered over the seasons, and expose my idiocy.  Thankfully, some brilliant contributors have helped us out this past year.  The one important axiom in coaching (and life) is you get as much as you give.  Hopefully, you get something out of it.
the ‘itch’ is coming……

Check these can’t miss gems out from some extremely wonderful authors


dacoachmo said...

This blog isn't tooo bad either ;)

Jerry said...

So glad 3backoption blog is of my favorites...

Unknown said...

Tobys site. Now that brings back some memories in football on the web..

CoachOrtiz said...