Friday, February 4, 2011

Odds & Ends

Just passing some random thoughts along.....

I've been digging back into the 4D-FTP from Coach Mark Rodriguez again and its growing on me. I don't believe I gave it a fair shake the first time around, likely because I assumed it was something that it wasn't ( a method to replace backpedal or shuffle technique). The video series IS well done and the video quality is exceptional (I would also recommend subscribing to Coach Mark's youtube channel).

The drills of disc two are of important note and I could really see using these as everyday pre-practice routines. Again, the investment in the technique could get 'expensive' (may not see an immediate ROI), but even if you used a T-step or 'run the feet' transition, the 4D drills (Drift, Drop, Dig, Drive) develop fluid hip movement. That is the whole point, as Coach Mark stress again and again in the series, is developing the muscle memory to be an instinctively quicker athlete

DRIFT- The conscious decision / automatic reaction your body’s direction
Positive step in the direction you’re looking to go

DROP- knee drop / body lean in direction to where you want to go, start turning head …..moves shoulders (head turn/ shoulder turn / knee bend….lean forward)

DIG - The shoulder comes on-top of your DIG step to swing your speed
(Drift is a step, Drop is a movement)

DRIVE (from the knee) – The dig propels you, if the drift step holds it just becomes a T-step


Its been difficult to finish my 'project' and forgetting what has been copied, what hasn't, and what discs need to be remastered. To help with this (and anyone else attempting it), is just by generating text list of the ISO images captured so far.

To do this, just navigate to the directory location from a DOS command line and enter "dir>(file name).txt" to create a text listing of all files within this directory. A TXT (notepad) file will be generated in the directory you are in.

From here, just open Excel (or any other spreadsheet application), open the TXT file and create the necessary columns to list the files you've created. Now I can stack my DVDs in piles of "done" and "to do" and give me a clear work load of what is left.


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