Saturday, June 25, 2011

Technology is my friend.....

This fall will be my 15th year to coach football.  I have had a good run here in Denison and professionally I have come a long way.  I would have to say that technology is the #1 factor in me improving as a ball coach.  However, that is sort of a trick answer.  Here are some of the technology tools I am talking about in no particular order.
2. DVD duplicator
4. blogspot
5. camtasia
6. snapit
7. webinars
List could go on and on.  The reason I say its a trick answer is this.  All of those technological tools lead back to relationships with people.  Having the ability to communicate with other coaches ANYWHERE and having the ability to functionally exchange thoughts and ideas have changed me as a coach.
     Greg Wright came to Denison in the fall of 2007.  He brought with him about 10 dvds that he let me watch.  Among them was the Gus Malzahn coaches choice set.  This was right about the time Gus had left the HS ranks and went to Arkansas as the OC.  I asked Greg where he got them at and he told me that he got them from a guy in Wisconsin.  He told me that he traded a couple of things he had and sent him some game cut ups and before he knew it he had dvds laying around all over the place.  Relationships....
     I then became a member on  My member handle is bigballsincowtown.  I couldn't tell you why.  I tried a couple of normal names and they were already taken, so there it is.  Here is where I met Brophy.  As you all know, my man Brophy is as sharp as they come in this business.  His knowledge level about the game is on another level.  Reading his posts on (and later this blog) have made me a better offensive coach.  Seeing things thru the eyes of a defender, specifically Cajun eyes that will hold nothing back, helps me daily strive to get to his level.  Relationships....
     So from Texas to Wisconsin and on to Louisiana, I became hooked.  It was like swapping baseball cards when I was a kid.  The Gus stuff got me going and carried me up to close to 200 dvds.  Then I hit another gold mine.  My boss had 6 hours of Rich Rodriguez talking ball to his former staff, when Rich Rod was at Clemson.  This was the spring after his offense took of with Woody Dantlzer as his qb.  It started with the beginnings and took off from there.  I transferred those from vhs to dvd, put em on, and they took off like firecrackers on the 4th of July.  Relationships....
     I still swap, but not like I did.  I am at 1200 dvds now and I am always looking to add to my collection.  If you are interested, lets start building a relationship and get on the Brophsters level!!!  The quest for knowledge in any profession is what its about.

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