Friday, July 1, 2011

Food for thought….

Just passing some things I found to particularly interesting as we wind up towards another season….

Noel Mazzone 1-Back Offensive System
why the hell not?

Using the Tony Franklin model of marketing and production, it looks like the charismatic, innovative, and altogether-likeable coach’s coach, Noel Mazzone, has his trademarked football system available through Championship Systems.  Though I know little about this new product, I'm sure this will be a great resource for coaches, the same as “The System” has been for so many others.

If you've seen any of Mazzone's presentations this year or caught any of his webinars with Glazier, you'll know he's pretty liberal with the game and (recent) practice footage and explaining in detail each concept he uses and how he applies it in a game.

We currently have all the drill and play clips from Coach Noel Mazzone’s ASU spring practices and hundreds more offense clips for client coaches to study.  He has already completed his spring install schedule with ppts and play rules, his HS playbook, and video cuts of QB drills.  We also have his 48 page QB manual and 40 page QB techniques/fundamentals book for the development of young QBs for coaches to print and have.  
We have just put up his OL techniques, vertical set, and pass protections webinars and his whiteboard series filmed at ASU has been a huge hit with clients!  He begins his summer webinar series this Thursday for all his members only coaches and will be covering his entire offense from A-Z with drills, video, play cut-ups, and coaching strategies.  His HS playbook, install packets, and QB drills/video are excellent!  Plus, he just finished a one on one session with one of our client college staffs in Minneapolis and a team camp for a high school in Idaho!!  Everywhere he goes, he gets rave reviews on what he is doing with his system!

Visit their website ( ) or give them a call at 719-964-2111 for more information.

* if we’re lucky, hemlock will return soon with a deep look at Mazzone’s philosophy over the years, trending the prevailing memes of the game from the past two decades.

Paul Alexander’s Peak Performance
For those with a sense for deeper reflection and cognitive understanding, Oline guru, Paul Alexander is self-publishing a work that shows considerable promise helping coaches become more efficient skill teachers.
This should provide a real interesting and dispassionate perspective about coaching and training their students for unleashing consistent excellence.

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