Sunday, February 3, 2013

Ernie Zampese: Air Coryell

Circa 1992, the backbone of "Air Coryell", Ernie Zampese, breaks down how he packages strong side, three-receiver concepts.   These universal staples are what most of the modern passing game is premised on. Get an inside look at how the Sid Gilman offense is built and why  

As lagniappe, here is Zampese's route tree from Dallas

In the coming weeks, to honor "clinic season", we'll be sharing various clinic videos (many 'vintage' era) to help your staff for next season.

Other clinic videos to check out:


Scott Bronkema said...

there is not enough coaches with gold chains, tight polos, and taco meat.

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Anonymous said...

Aikman was the best quarterback of all time!