Monday, February 11, 2013

Wide Receiver Drills: Jason Phillips

This is one of my favorite fundamental drill videos as coach Jason Phillips packs a ton of useful tenets for receiver play in this short video.  At my last stop, we attempted to hammer home the basics presented here (stutter release, stick breaks, leveraging defensive backs to open up the break, and body lean) and it made a  world of difference in getting these guys to understand what it takes to be a threat at the receiver position (you just can't "run routes")

**happy mardi gras!

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Greencliff028 said...

A simple 5 yard out can simply turn into a speed cut and just rolled into. Idk about the post. But it's not slower, it keeps the WRs moving as he just said. It just like the DBs going from using the T step to doing the bicycle steps and how they are still moving.