Monday, May 10, 2010

Iron Man 2

Caught Iron Man 2 this weekend....

It is pretty decent, especially with Mickey Rourke and Anthony Anderson (replaced Don Cheadle)

It is a marketing extravaganza and pretty short on digestable plot lines.
I thought the movie was okay.....didn't make a whole lot of sense, though

  • A super villian who's main weapon is a 6 foot whip? Uh...why not stand 20 feet away and shoot fucking rockets at him?

  • a smoking hot Scarlett Johannson and we see her what, only 20 minutes? Nonesense.....should devote at least an hour of the film to her, battling an arch-villian named, "The Tongue"

  • Tony's father sends him a beyond the grave stag film message of "hey, look at my Neverland Ranch!" and bam! 4 minutes later Tony develops a brand new periodic element?

  • what happened to the Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman characters? I mean, wtf?

  • The entire 2 hours builds up for the final climax with Whiplash. Here he comes in his new powerful suit.....and he's taken out within 2 minutes. Which drew similarities with my personal climax with the Johannson character; using whips and ending in explosions.

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Coach Bigelow said...

Agree on Scarlett Johannson 100%.