Monday, May 17, 2010

TRENDS: Dime Pressure

Noting the trend of defenses to use dime packages even in nickel (11 personnel) situations.

Clips from the past season where 3 receiver-1 tight end formations (standard fare in the NFL) allow the defense to introduce a nickel and dime back and only leave in 2 or 3 defensive linemen.

I intended to go over some of these in more detail, but I've been swamped of late and wanted to share some clips rather than sit on them.

09NYJ_dime @ Yahoo! Video

09NYJets_Dime @ Yahoo! Video

09gbchi @ Yahoo! Video

09gb @ Yahoo! Video

09GB_a @ Yahoo! Video

09MIA @ Yahoo! Video

09NE @ Yahoo! Video

09NOSaints_GWilliams @ Yahoo! Video

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