Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Shuffle / Match

There has been some inquiry into how to play shuffle (replacing the backpedal) in Cover 3, so here is a quick example of shuffle work with a run-through demo of the back-5 pattern-match drill discussed earlier.
Now, although this player is good at shuffle, he is extending with the downfield foot. Ideally, it should be a push off with the upfield foot (left) and a catch with the downfield foot (right). Because he is extending / reaching with the upfield foot, he will be prone to over extending and consequently clicking the heels (bad leverage position/base). This also makes the transition more efficient and fluid. When the trail foot is the downfield foot, you can use it to direct the body like a rudder (rather than it being the 'drive-train'). Force is initiated by the upfield foot, after the 3 pushes (and come to balance) from the upfield foot, all the defenders needs to do to bail is pivot the downfield foot 45 degrees and this will pivot his hips and put him in a running position downfield. This is not unlike a handoff transition in a relay (baton).

Also, we flew through the 5-DB drill for the sake of filming it (as a visual). We went about 3/4 speed. In practice, this will be full speed and a little more intense.


Anonymous said...

Coach...the second from last clip...is your flat guy suppose to go underneath the hook from initial one there... I notice he plays him the hook more in the last clip, is that you guys correcting him or did he play it right in both cases? Thanks

brophy said...

The first guy (#2) that did that is really a corner and just got time working at SS on the fly on Monday, so 'no' we don't need him to sit in the curl and then try to reroute inside. If #2 is displaced so far that SS splits the difference, he will collision a vertical stem of #2 (on his way to the curl). The other guy (#21) is the guy that normally plays SS and what he was doing is how we want it done.
I just wanted to get something up, so we flew through this after practice last night in 5 minutes.

Kevin said...
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Kevin said...

So I am taking that the main advantage is the hip position during the 3 shuffles as compared to a straight back pedal that is typically used? It is the more efficient turn and ability to look into the backfield more easily that makes the shuffle better? Anything I am missing?

brophy said...

Correct - but the corner isn't so much worried about the backfield. He shouldn't be a factor in run support in C3. He is simply watching QB to 2-to-1 and bails based on the vertical threat (vertical threat will declare by that 3rd step) - if no vertical threat, there is no need to bail

du doan bong da said...

I found the original stone selection was great, to do this in a short time indeed behind it is a stressful exercise.

Anonymous said...


Heard the corners coach from Toledo describe this type of step as "Skating".

When you're on an ice rink, you have to push off of your back foot to get anywhere.

KC (Splitricky5)