Thursday, July 15, 2010

Nick Saban: Leadership, The Process, and Cover 3

Nick Saban speaking at the Mississippi Association of Coaches Clinic yesterday.

A great lecture sharing his philosophy on program building, dealing with athletes today, then follows up with him going over how he adjusts/morphs Cover 3 to handle everything an offense can dish out. 72 minutes of Saban.....................
Coaching is teaching
Teaching is the ability to inspire learning

Thoughts, habits, priorities - these are the triggers of everyone's actions

Develop Leaders
Leadership is understanding how what you do affects others

Rip/Liz (Rita/Lucy) linebacker adjustment in Cover 3
(though not articulated clear in MSU 97 or LSU 01 playbooks, I go over this 'safety-down' adjustment in cover 3 to handle verticals here)

more details on Rip/Liz here


Anonymous said...

Hey Brophy, big fan of your blog. It's helped me out a lot as a reference tool (and always a great read). I was wondering if you could go a little more in depth on these coverage rules post how this Cover 3 concept would work out against different pattern concetpts. Also, I've heard of some Middle of the field safety teams that play a split coverage of Cover 1 to the boundary and Cover 3 to the field against 2x2 sets. Have you heard of anyone doing this?
Great Stuff!
-Coach D

brophy said...

no problemo.....yeah, Rip/Liz makes a LOT of sense in Cover 3 and it is completely practical, simple, and do-able at HS level. It is the (equalizing) answer to spread sets we all see.

I also play on elaborating on some of the newer (post-LSU) stuff he has been doing since teaming with Don Capers in 2006.

Anonymous said...

Thought that rip/liz was a stunt designation to slant the line one way or another so it fits the front with the alley force man. Then again I didn't hear the entire cvonversation.

That way you're basically going man and still have a way to trade routes on the alley man with the safety.

brophy said...

where do you see rip/liz as a front stunt in any of his playbooks?