Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Review: HUDL


Easily the most efficient, cost-effective, and user-friendly video system any school could ask for. With packages running from $800 - $1600 (based on storage needs), your program can open up the world of film study and game access available to anyone investing in your team.

You can eliminate the spindles of DVDs needed in a season for trades, cuts, film study, and weekly distribution (scout & last game) because everything is housed online on HUDL servers.

As new customers, we have been toying around with the product for a few months and although most on staff are not techno-philes, everyone can use the system because it is no more difficult than a remote control.

Once the game film is uploaded, it will parse into play segments for the staff to detail (as little or as much as you like) later. You can upload game film, scout film, practice film, anything you want.

With the game film online and telestrated/commented as you like, you can distribute it to other coaches, to players, to parents, or even college recruiters.

The only thing required is to have MS Silverlight (Gates' version of Flash) installed on the PC to view the applet.

We plan on (and have been for spring) using this during the athletic periods (football class) to dial up situations pertinent to the game plan or teaching plan. This eliminates the need to cutup the game film and burn to discs for special presentation the night before. Just toggle the plays you want to review and its there in an instant.

There have been tons of video editing, databasing, scouting, and storage solutions offered in the last 8 years in the coaching industry, but nothing captures the full spectrum of needs like HUDL. Be sure to check out the current offer before the season starts!

I would have to say, one of the coolest aspects of HUDL, isn't the program itself, but the customer service. If you have a problem or question, just call their support line and you will actually talk to a real person (that knows the product). If they can't walk you through it, they'll remote desktop into your PC and fix any issues you might be experiencing.


Kevin said...

Is it true that it imports from firewire and cuts it up automatically now? Also, is it a faster upload? Haven't used it yet but our program used it last year.

Anonymous said...

Kevin, our program used Hudl last year. Yes, it does cut the film up automatically for you. The first game or two we had issues with when the clips would get cut, but by about the 3rd or 4th game it was terrific. When we get back to the office after the game is over we immediately set the film up on our computers and the video begins loading it on the server. It's usually done by the next morning.

Unknown said...

I jumped on to hudl after seeing the post at the top of the page about a woman sending XXX videos to her elementary students. We were using Apex and I had to share my computer with others and it was a hassle. I tried hudl and now we are hooked. I have two coaches on my staff over 50 that hate computers and they will be able to handle this. Customer service is great.