Friday, May 15, 2009

"Plays Like THAT Make Me Want To Jump Out Of A Freaking Window....".

"Its never as good or as bad as you remember it - watch the tape"

2 hours since our first Spring intra squad scrimmage and I am doing my best to lower the blood pressure and relax.... take stock of the positives

I suppose I am frustrated with the performances because I thought we did all we could to best prepare the players (much higher expectations of execution). It wasn't terrible, but my expectations were quite a bit higher than what I saw, and what I continue to review on tape. There ARE positives, there is quite a bit of potential, and brighter spots than once believed.

The good thing is, we have plenty of film on all the entire roster, so it isn't like there are any remaining question marks out there.

* elimination of questions doesn't necessarily mean the production of answers, I'm afraid.

I am still waiting for some lightbulbs to turn on for few players and I'll have to search for new ways to deliver the same information so the executions are more confident and aggressive.

Hopefully, there will be better news to report in one week versus an opponent.

I will take comfort in knowing we have good young men, with good families, who want to take pride in their program. The defense came up with 5 turnovers, everyone hustled (no loafs), everyone got plenty of reps/looks, and we can run perimeter screens competently.

In as much as the title of this blog is an inside joke shared by a former staff, its 'truth' is hard to avoid.

Now, to meditate on all that which is good and soothing...
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