Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Nick Saban: Program Maintenance

Although a ridiculously absurd article and assertion, in today's Yahoo Sports piece, "Saban still influencing the pro game " some interesting tidbits regarding organizational structure within the program.

You have the peer review committee on the team,” Wilson said, referring to a group of players who help determine punishments for players who break team or school rules. “A big key in it is that he has guys from every class, seniors all the way down to freshmen, on the committee, so it’s really a situation where everybody is connected and it’s not just the older guys against the younger guys. It really is a situation where you have to answer to your peers, regardless of what class you’re in.”

The other useful part about the committee is that Saban gets a constant feed of information about what players are doing away from the field, Wilson said.

“It’s not a tattle-tale thing. It’s more of him keeping up with what everybody is doing. … Everybody. He knows everything that’s going on with every player on the team. He’s completely on top of it.”

I've done the player leadership committees (that essentially determine all team decisions) before and can attest to their effectiveness and necessity. However, the ability to keep a pulse on individual player happenings is a process still up for refinement. Outside of maintaining a mutual relationship with players, I would be interested to know what types of networking structure, he and his staff utilize to proactively tap into their 'family' of players.

Here's to November 7th versus the Tigers and the eventual SEC title matchup with Florida.

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