Thursday, October 15, 2009

Player Spotlight: #31 K.Pitre

One of the joys I've had the pleasure to experience this year, was making the acquaintance of one of the hardest working players on our team, Kevin Pitre. Pitre is an extremely well disciplined competitor and despite his size, he is the strongest player on the team.

After dedicating himself to practice and weight sessions, Kevin finished the summer with a 235 lbs power clean, 355 lbs squat, and a 265 lbs bench. Those numbers are staggering.....then you have to keep reminding yourself he is only 16 years old!

Now into his Junior year, Kevin has become a dominant force on the defense, and is a violent, offensive eraser on the perimeter.

Looking to study broadcasting after high school, he is improving his now cumulative 2.5 GPA to set himself up for continued success and achievement.

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