Monday, October 12, 2009

Player Spotlight: #63 C.Jones

A guy who doesn't get nearly enough credit or attention for his hard work, leadership, and hustle is our senior lineman Carlton Jones (#63 - left defensive end/ left offensive tackle). If you couldn't tell by viewing any of the highlight clips of the season, thus far, #63 is dominating the line of scrimmage and constantly competing. Always in a positive attitude, his maturity and exemplary attendance in all off-season events (even 7-on-7) is a model all underclassmen can aspire to.

Coming into the season, Carlton was boasting a 3.7 GPA (18 ACT his junior year), 255 lbs Power Clean, 330 lbs squat, and a 275 lbs bench. This 6'2", 230lbs athlete and outstanding young man is destined for future success due to a supportive family and relentless work ethic.

Carlton at practice and after placing in the Louisiana State Power lifting Championship

Carlton's mid-season highlight reel to follow

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