Friday, October 30, 2009


Expounding on earlier posts about the STICK CONCEPT, more examples of Y Stick being utilized (mainly just posting video examples). If I get more time in the next few weeks, I'll provide more detail to my favorite 3-step concept.


This 3-step quick game consists of an immediate read of "Stick - to - Arrow" (then check down), with the Y working off the inside number of the hole defender (typically the MLB or SLB). The conflict created by the inside stem of the Y and the back expanding to the perimeter becomes too much to account for with underneath defenders.

The Y challenges the hole player with an inside-vertical stem, then sticks at 6 yards to pinball off of the response of this defender. He will work away from wherever this defender has leveraged himself.

The quarterback delivers the ball AWAY from the leveraged defender (to the opposite shoulder of where the 'danger player' is at), to allow the Y to work away from the hole defender and TOWARDs open grass. This is the epitome of the settle & noose drill.

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