Saturday, July 14, 2007

11th Hour

With three weeks remaining until the season 'officially' gets underway......

The monsoon season has washed away numerous attempts at practice and 7 on 7 competitions with local schools. We have a basic defense in thanks to accelerated implementation schedule and some pretty serious passing tourneys in June.

Being the first year for this school running the Nickel, the learning curve is HUGE. The delays and cancellations have forced a necessitity upon me to get the information SOMEHOW to the kids when we can't meet. I burned about two dozen DVDs with powerpoint animations of our base coverages and adjustments with college skelly cut ups , then game film of my previous programs running them.

I am blessed to be with such an athletically gifted and 'mature' group of students at this school - it is rare. I am looking forward to some very rewarding experiences this season.

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