Monday, July 30, 2007

Rome wasn't built in an afternoon.....

Heading into our last 'serious' engagement of the summer, was a prestigious tournament of some of the best teams in the state. A tournament we won not more than 5 weeks ago....

Our expectations were high, we felt we had put in considerable work and were confident that our players knew their assignments and adjustments.

I'm still wondering what actually happened......

Series after series of "coulda" and "shoulda" - not necessarily a total breakdown, just a lack of urgency to FINISH the job. I was amazed at how much of our play had developed into emotional "hostages", we had to be pumped up to make plays - immediate motivation, because to a man, we just couldn't sustain EFFORT. To succeed in any situation, you have to perform the same whether you feel like it or not, whether you think you can do it or not - the performance must match the standard.

Maybe it was good that we experienced set backs before the season. Maybe we aren't as mature as we once believed.

To be great TOMORROW, you must build TODAY. It doesn't happen over night, or because you "want to".

Here's hoping this report becomes the start of something that builds a foundation for change.


Anonymous said...

But Rome was burnt down in few hours ;)

Unknown said...

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