Sunday, July 26, 2009

Feet Redux

With Fall camp starting in 8 days, I had to head to Lowes again to build another (bigger, longer, badassier) OLine agility ladder.
After the 3rd week of Spring ball, either the grounds keepers just threw it out, or Harry Pfarrer stole it for parts to his latest construction project...

Okay, this time around it was even easier and twice as productive.
With 36" rungs (x 15) , 14" lengths (x 30), and 30 'T' joints, this was completely constructed in 5 minutes.

Shown here compared to the traditional speed ladder, you can clearly see the expanded width required to reinforce a shoulder-width 'football position'.
I highly recommend purchasing some $15 PVC pipe cutters - it makes this a snap!

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