Friday, July 31, 2009

SNAFU: story of my life

This should be an interesting week.

It is the first week of Fall practice and we'll be able to see many of our players for the first time since May (.......)

Also, our program experienced a new head coach this last week (along with losing 2 other coaches).

In addition to that, a peculiar dilema of changing offenses with 3 days until camp has surfaced. The change would be dramatic, going from 1-back gun Air Raid to 2-back under center veer. I have made the argument against the effect of drawing more defenders into the box (when you have a not-so-strong Oline), as well as selling the idea of a run-heavy gun veer (to keep everything we have done, just change the run game) so I've done my part. Well, I won't be coaching Oline anymore and will likely be responsible for receivers. I really don't mind, I just want to teach fundamentals, anyway - this is the life of a coaching merc. I have no problems learning a new dance.

Guess I'll just have to think outside my own Xbox for now.

Even more deflating is that for the first day of camp, I won't be able to attend. The school board administrative paperwork wasn't completed on my CECP (non-teacher), even though I've been certified in this parish since 2007, and have been at this current school since March.

Oh, well, what can you do? Each day is a new, exciting experience to learn from.

"Ah, dude.....let's go bowling"

Anyway, I'm finishing the first DVD handout for the defensive backs which will feature all the plays of our first opponent by formation as well as an introductory chapter on alignment and route recognition (and how that relates to having a need to know about formations). This will include our first "easter egg" - I'll let you know how THAT goes.

I will say this, though, enough can't be said about the players and their families in this community. No doubt I'll be bragging on them as the season progresses.

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