Sunday, July 19, 2009

Last 7 on 7 Competition of the Summer

While the end result wasn't pretty (1-3), there were some positives to come away with the competition this weekend. We had incredibly consistent play from our corner and free safety, and our LBs were hammered on fundamentals of pass drops and route-reading (apparently neglected from Spring ball to this weekend), and 2 underclassmen showing up and battling on offense (one freshman and one sophomore) with contributions, and two key offensive linemen getting extensive drill work accomplished (instead of just standing around for 7 on 7).

It is what it is.

Many "issues" were a result of complete neglect and a lack of preseverance ('mental toughness') that cannot be short-cut (see off-season weight room).

(FS) J.Robertson & (CB) K.Pitre

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