Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Powerpoint Playbooks / Animation

The following are clips I made years ago from Powerpoint to better illustrate our 42 Nickel concepts.

This isn't what the team I coach at runs now (3-3), but nonetheless, this illustrates how a "coverage first" defensive concept works. The coverage determines
WHAT defense is being played. The coverage dictates the front. You see, we'd call the coverage and that
was it (it set the front and run support for all 11 players)

This is the loaded zone package we got from Iowa State years ago. Not many people do this, though I'm not sure why not. It affords you a cheap way of consistently getting number superiority versus 2-back teams.
If any of this is interesting, the download section below has write-ups, playbooks, and more videos on our version of the idiot-proof 42 Nickel.


4Wheels1Dream said...


I am interested in watching your videos on coverage determining defense, but it appears that they do not work.

Just thought I would let you know...

brophy said...

sorry about that - Googlevid has yanked a lot of my uploaded vids. These vids should work (without music)