Thursday, July 23, 2009

Force Feeding Clinics

Don't have time to sit and watch a coaching clinic video?

Import the video file (as an .avi) then convert it to mp3 / aac* and slap that bad boy on an audio CD or mp3 player to listen to in the car or in bed.


Now I'm talking about bring up the point of the AUDIO / LISTENING aspect of clinic presentations.Yes, video is nice, but watching AND listening requires your full attention, and may not be practical in all scenarios, plus the added file size of hour long vids. Loading video onto ipods and mobile devices is nothing new.....

I am specifically talking about ripping off audio from clinic talks and listening to them while you do other things (it beats listening to the radio, or music, or the wife ramble on).

So, instead of having a 4G file, and instead of compressing it down to 2G, you can have a 125M audio file that lasts an hour or so.....and you can throw a dozen or so of those bad boys on your player and listen while you are drawing stuff up, writing practice plans, or doing whatever else, without having to WATCH anything.

I bought an iPod years ago, but it completely crapped out on me after 3 months for no reason at all. I bought an 8G Sansa to replace it, and it works like a champ with video,audio, recording, and a radio.

Sansa is MS compatible so you just plug it in (as a USB device) and it loads everything up, you just drag and drop files into the folder (rather than getting iTunes and converting everything to the PITA aac / is a little bulkier than any of the iPods, but the thing is tougher than nails, is expandable, can replace the battery (if needed) and cannot be scratched.

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