Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Believe the hype........(movie recommendation)

If this is any indication of how pedestrian my season is going right now, I'm in the theater on a Monday evening.......

In any event, "Inglourious Basterds" (nice excuse to use this word loudly in public) is a pretty awesome movie that you ought to go see.

This is the movie that "The Dirty Dozen" wanted to grow up to be but failed because it suffered from bed wetting and being picked on in school for smelling like pee. It has enough grit and edge to keep you excited, with just enough levity to relax and enjoy.

Joe Wladislaw has nothing on Hugo Stiglitz and the "Jew Bear"

The movie is driven by a dialogue-rich, quad-linguist antagonist, Christopher Waltz (though without the depth of say, "Deadwood"). Although relentlessly sinister, his witty retorts and meticulous logic draws the viewer in to connect with him. Being a multi-linguist myself (fluent in engrish, ass-kickery, and bullshit), I couldn't help but find this character as the reckoning focal point in the movie.

This historically accurate piece of pivotal 20th Century events, fleshes out the details of what caused the end of WWII and the Third Reich. This film will likely be a standard for high school history classes for generations to come.

The movie opens as the German Aryan Nation advances through Eastern Europe at the cusp of American involvement into this combat theatre. With civilization on the brink of collapse to Hitler's advancement of a consuming Rheinland ideology headed by Wagner and FOX News, the fate of the world lays in the hands of 7 Jews and an Appalachian hillbilly. What ensues next is an orgasmic diarrhea of violence and interlocution. Hang on to your popcorn!

Though clearly violent enough to satiate the blood lust of today's audiences, it isn't quite on par with the intensity of recent classics as "There Will Be Blood" and "No Country For Old Men", this movie holds its own and is truly the crown in cinematic fare for 2009.

Clearly fans of 42 Nickel

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