Friday, August 14, 2009

Get Back To Fundamentals: Cover 4

The video handout given in Spring Ball (mentioned before) included video of various defenses playing the same coverages. The last few posts illustrate examples of what was given to the players. This helps them better understand how the coverage responds (or doesn't) to formations, routes, and runs. From NFL to NCAA, it all remains the same.

Cover 4, the do-everything double-robber answer to 1 back offenses.
This works great against most spread passing games and/or any type of even receiver formation (doubles/twins). As you can find in the playbook link below, "quarters" as it is called, provides a defense an aggressive safety-support run defense (because of a simple read for both safeties) as well as a fail-safe answer to two-man receiver game on the perimeter/vertical.

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