Friday, August 28, 2009

North vs South Redux (Big Ten Image Problem)

I just wanted to throw a hat tip / nod to an interesting article written by Jason Lloyd of Lindy's regarding the disparity of the North vs South argument, specifically the Big Ten's trend against other NCAA conferences in big games.

The author showers the article with pertinent facts and statistics that support this case, and specifically ties the precipitating factor to athletic and explosive defensive linemen.

Unfortunately, I do not see the article available online (otherwise I'd link it), but it is available int he 2009 Lindy's College Football Preview magazine (who reads these anymore?). I really don't have any regard for sports writers and the hollow dogshit regurgitated sports cliches they attempt to provide (they call "analysis"), but this article in particular offered a rather cogent argument with supporting findings.

Nuggets worth repeating;
  • Big Ten's bowl record over the past 6years is 15-28 (Big Ten was 1-6 in the 2008 post season)
  • OSU has won 4 consecutive Big Ten Titles, but hasn't won a bowl game since 2005.
  • Texas, LSU, and USC combined to have 7 defensive linemen drafted in the 2009. 5 were drafted from the entire Big Ten.
  • In 2008, only 4 defensive linemen in the Big Ten were drafted
  • Since 2004, 16 defensive tackles were drafted in the 1st round in the NFL. None has come from the Big Ten.
  • The last Big Ten defensive tackle to be drafted in the 1st round was perennial turd, Jimmy Kennedy in 2003 (Penn State).
"Defensive tackle play is a battle of hands, and so many young high school guys have no clue how to use their hands as a defensive lineman, particularly a defensive tackle." - Tim Brewster, Minnesota Head Coach

Here's to looking forward to USC again dismantling the hype-machine known as OSU in the coming weeks. Tune in to Trojan Football Analysis for his breakdown of this matchup.

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Anonymous said...

And here's to looking forward to USC blowing it against a subpar conference opponent again!