Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sweet Sassy Molassy! Day 4

Can't wait for full pads next week, as acclimation week is nearing an end. This morning, we had 80% humidity with a heat index of 116. Great attitudes and good hustle (again).

I Sent out the DB intro to route reading & formation scout DVDs today and surprisingly enough I was called an hour later by our FS (as instructed by the DVD). He wins the $20 prize for actually watching the DVD, which had the 'easter egg' message (prompting the viewer to call me) hidden near the end of the 15 minute scout video. Well, this at least means SOMEONE is watching these vids (with a Freshman calling in next 3 hours later).

This should be a fun carrot to dangle throughout the season as we progress with video handouts.

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