Saturday, August 29, 2009


Not a terrible performance beating crosstown rival, 5A Southwood, in a 10-0 jamboree, but there is still worlds of questions heading into our season opener against probably the toughest team on the schedule.

Overall, I was pleased with the JV and Varsity execution of the DBs and it would appear we are making progress. The following are clips I particularly enjoyed....
  1. Fundamentally flawless hit and support from (Jr) #31 K.Pitre, who has really been impressive since Spring and in the weight room. Though not a flashy back, he is as solid of a contributor as we have on the team.
  2. (Sr) #24 D.Thompson whom we have made the most progress with since Spring has a decent breakup to end a drive / quarter.
  3. An aggressive breakup of a stick/spot route off of jet motion by our (Sr) #5 FS J.Fobbs. This play here helped eliminate this 'money' play for this offense. Considerable time was spent in practice recognizing the nuances of stems to see this develop
  4. Not a great play as the Dig is wide open, but it highlights the dramatic improvement of #24 who lays a WOO! lick on the backside Post. This player was not known for his ability to be physical or 'tough' in the Spring, and to his credit, has come a long way in asserting his presence on the field. See the knockout he delivers backside in last week's opening clip.
  5. Another eye-gouging gain on the defense as the QB keep gains big, I was pleased with the CB leverage in support and both corners making sure tackles here.
  6. This is a great example (and improvement for this player) of (Sr) #1 C.Willis working his support leverage, escape on the stalk, and textbook tackle.
  7. Against the Post/Curl, #24 breaks on the post after reading quarterback.
  8. Same as #5 above, fundamentally sound leverage of support by the corners and no pussified/cocksucker tackles.
  9. JV player (Jr) #82 T.Williams at FS breaks up the weak seam against 5 verticals. This is an eager player who is pressing for more Varsity time and has been eating up the handouts and understanding his role in coverage.
  10. JV player (Jr) #30 K.Thomas at corner, keeps a disciplined slide, solid break on the hitch, perfect leverage of the ball carrier, and a sure tackle. This player has made considerable strides in the last three weeks to be recognized and has been diligent to work his fundamentals. This once timid, unconfident, and soft player is finding the joy of football (via technique and fundamentals).

I look forward to our matchup this week against a Texas powerhouse, and am gearing up to have a solid rotation of 7 different defensive backs in the game to contribute.

In other news....

After our jamboree, no joke, an assistant chimes up, "Coach, have you ever thought of running VEER out of empty?!"
(HolyS*#t silence)

Our JV TE kept lining up incorrectly on the wrong side, causing illegal formations (making the X think he should back off the LOS). Play after play, "I-Right" is called, and this player continued to break the huddle and line up on the left. When confronting the player after the series, the OC looks down and sees the player wearing 2 right-footed cleats....

Only had one off-sides penalty called on our defense all night. After a hard cadence, no one on the D even flinches.......except for our DEAF NOSE GUARD!

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