Monday, October 5, 2009


Kicking around ideas to jump start our run game and "unleash" our physically gifted athlete (DI prospect) a few coaches have suggested using the current offensive wizbang, "wildcat".

Though not really seeing how it would actually benefit us, in particular (as it would require us to do things we currently are unable/reluctant to do), I have made the cuts available for the staff to peruse, and what the hell....why not make them available to YOU, too (right?).

I bring you Gus Malzahn / David Lee's Wildcat package that found its way to the NFL and proliferated throughout NCAA football.....

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Load said...

I still believe the most important aspects of the true Wildcat are:

- The unbalanced line
- Packaging counters to counter to counters, to build a series, not just a few plays.

Running a direct snap to the QB/RB won't give you a huge amount, however forcing them to be aware of the jet sweep, power play, and option pass will take teams much longer to scheme against defensively than it will for you to install it.