Monday, March 22, 2010

Air Raid: Ins and Outs and what have you....

Examples of NASCAR (attack tempo) and FREEZE in a 2 minute NASCAR drill. Note the intensity and frantic pace. On Freeze, receivers are to run "GO"s down the field once the ball is snapped. Best case scenario is you get a touchdown, worst case you take the 5-yard penalty.

Prepractice with Receivers and Quarterbacks (notice settle and noose)

1 on 1s, great review for both offense and defense. Offense works one concept throughout.

In pass skelly, working the same concepts over and over:

Inside Run Game

Individuals, coaching up QB and Receiver fade drop out in the red zone (working for space) in man press.

A neat little DB backpedal ladder exercise I spied.....

** If I have time later in the week, I will review some of the more interesting and effective concepts (both run and pass) that were implemented last week.


Anonymous said...

看到你的好文章真是開心 加油囉~ ........................................

Anonymous said...

Man, this is huge.

I would love to be in your shoes during those days @ Tech!


Anonymous said...

Hope Tony knows u have posted this stuff for everybody to see!