Friday, March 5, 2010

BOOK: Dr.Ravitch

I've been looking to get back to reading again, but haven't found a substantial resource to delve into. I think I may have found it in the following book by Dr. Ravitch:

I've read nothing but glowing reviews of this practical exposition of our current education system here in the states. Though I AM NOT A TEACHER, being a coach, I am involved quite intimately with how schools operate. Now, that we're beginning to witness the true wake of NCLB on "failing schools", this book seems to address the fundamental errors in its assertion (an inescapable black hole based on economic demographics).

Possibly unrelated (as the book has little to do with teacher critique), I often ask my son at the end of a school day, not "what did you learn (today)?", but "did your teachers try to get you to THINK or BELIEVE today?". A stark difference between the two.

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